Using videos for marketing used to require big budgets and was only practised by big businesses. The growth of platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram have put video marketing within reach of small to medium businesses and has become an important part of their early growth.

New businesses and startups need a way to capture the attention of the world. Video has become one of the most economical and effective ways to capture attention and to grow your business. Any business – say, a recruitment agency such as Stopgap – can benefit. Here are a few of the ways other companies are using video to help their companies grow.

1. Capturing the Attention of the Mobile Market

Look around you. How do you see your customers searching for information today? The mobile market has gone from being interesting to becoming a critical group for you to target. Watch what mobile users are looking at. You will see them watching videos, which makes using video for mobile users critical.

Cisco recently did a study which showed 60% of the content consumed on mobile devices was video. That should give you an idea of how important video is for reaching this market. Watch mobile users around you. You will quickly notice they are watching videos, not reading.

You have heard the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, but the modern video has surpassed that, making “A video is worth ten thousand words” a more appropriate saying. It is the best way to give your potential clients your story fast.

2. Don’t Tell Them, Show Them – Video Product Demonstrations

How many written words would it take to explain how to use your product or software? It would still be difficult using a few photographs and words. But when you switch to video, everything gets easier.

In just a few seconds, or minutes, you can demonstrate how the product works and explain each step of the process. More importantly, your customers understand your product better when they see it in use.

Using video allows you to thoroughly explain your product, not just telling your customers, but actually showing them. As an example, if you redesigned your website or product, a short video can help users understand the changes in a few seconds, instead of struggling to find the answers.

Videos are great for product demonstrations and comparisons, too. A short instructional video can demonstrate how to use your product and showcase its advantages over competitors in moments. You can quickly teach customers how to use your products, reducing customer service calls and issues.

3. Video Testimonials – Creating Confidence In Your Business

What is the best way to build confidence in your business and products? Letting satisfied customers tell their story.

80% of people say they are more willing to buy a product someone recommends than an unknown brand. They trust the opinions of other people over the statements of the business.

It sounds like a lot of work, but with social media and video, the job has become much easier. You can connect with your customers and ask them for a quick video recommendation or review. These short videos are powerful.

6. Increasing User Engagement

Getting your customers involved and engaged is one of the fastest ways to grow your company. Their words and actions have power.

Things that affect your engagement score include how many comments you get, how many likes, how often your content is shared, and how much of your video they watched.
An engagement score helps you see how much impact your video message is having on your market. It helps you determine if your message is achieving your goals, or not. Higher engagement levels indicate your audience is paying attention to your message and wants to know more.

You need to consider your engagement score with a couple of other factors in mind. Is your content designed to entertain, or to give your customers information? Is it fast-paced entertainment, or is it engaging tutorials and product information? Using A/B testing can help you understand your audience and fine-tune your marketing videos for greater success.