Everyone become too tempted to open the door of their hotel room and plop themselves on the hotel bed as soon as they check in to a hotel. Surely, traveling is tiring and the bed is all you need to rest. But you need to be smarter when it comes to checking in to the hotel in order to maximize your stay. I always pay heed to the following tips when I check in to my favorite hotel in Ouray, CO:

  1. Look out for bed bugs

When you enter your room, always inspect the room for the bedbugs. No one wants to think about them, but they are a harsh reality in most of the hotels. They look like reddish brown and easy to spot as the sheets are white. Ensure to check all sheets, box springs, mattresses and the area surrounding the headboard. If you find any bugs, inform the hotel management as soon as possible. Ask for a new room at least two floors afar from the original room as these bugs can crawl and travel between floors.

  1. Feel free to ask for an upgrade

This should be done before you even enter your room. Feel free to swap your standard room for the penthouse suite. Sometimes you may get lucky for scoring a free upgrade. If you are traveling in the off season or arriving late, it is always good to inform the hotel staff in advance if you have any special occasions to celebrate so as to trade your chances of upgradation up.

  1. Be as comfortable as you can

Feel free to declutter. You can take every piece of paper, book or note into the drawer to hide them. If you are not fond of visual clutter just hide it away. This can be done in the bathroom as well. Hide the extra stuff to make the most of your stay.

  1. Assess the cleanliness of the hotel room

Everyone expects to find an immaculately clean room as soon as they check in. But in reality, germs can still be prevalent. The most common germs spot in a hotel room are the remote control, bedspread, room service menu, drinking glasses, the phone as well as the pillowcases. Check each one of them when you arrive or swipe them clean with a disinfectant or get them replaced if needed.